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93-97 LT1 Fbody Racetronix High Performance In Tank Fuel Pump Assembly
Part Number: FPA-003A
Manufacturer: Racetronix
FPA-003A.jpg - 93-97 LT1 Fbody Racetronix High Performance In Tank Fuel Pump Assembly
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  • Application-specific Racetronix / Walbro HP pump (suitable for normally aspirated and forced induction applications)
  • Racetronix custom Walbro-GM Teflon in-tank harness
  • High-pressure non-kinking 'Flex' fuel tube
  • New Push-Lock fitting
  • Stainless gear clamps
  • Custom Racetronix 30 micron high-flow fuel sock (factory was 70 micron)
  • Assembly adhesive & lubricant included

Why use a Racetronix F-LT1 Fuel Pump Assembly?

The LT1 F-body cars have a pump that is inside a plastic fill-bucket. The fill-bucket's inlet and check-valve system in combination with the fuel pump are designed to draw fuel from the bottom of the tank via suction. This keeps the bucket full at all times and the pump fully immersed in fuel regardless of the tank level so that when the tank is low on gas and you are doing some hard cornering or acceleration the pump does not run dry and start aerating (air bubbles) the fuel. This happens as the fuel sloshes from side to side in the tank leaving the center low on fuel. The F-LT1 cars have minimal to no baffling in them. This can cause detonation and possible engine damage. The bucket also allows the car to operate with lower fuel levels in the tank due to its scavenging effect. The bucket can also effect motor cranking time as the priming time is reduced under certain conditions. The return line from the fuel pressure regulator is diverted back into the bucket via a filter sock inside so that the unused fuel also helps keep the bucket full at all times. Keeping the pump constantly immersed in gas within the bucket can extend the pump's life by not allowing it to be exposed to open air. Open air within the tank contains moisture and in time will cause the pump to rust / seize up especially if left to sit for long periods of time without the tank topped-up (i.e. winter storage). The Racetronix pump assembly is modified so that it will seal in the bucketís rubber check-valve so that its function is retained. The Racetronix pump assembly is fitted with a factory style fuel tube not a rubber hose. This hose is important as when the fuel module is placed back in the tank it must pivot which can cause the rubber hose to kink. This fuel tube is much more resistant to the solvents in todayís gas and it will not crack, split, swell and collapse like a rubber hose. The standard Walbro kit comes with a short length of rated rubber hose. The Racetronix fuel module is equipped with a one-piece wiring harness made from 14 gauge Teflon/silver wire. (upgraded from the factory's 16 gauge harness) This is the same type of wire used at the factory as Teflon is the most resistant to deterioration when exposed to gas. This harness has a Walbro connector at one end and GM pins at the other which fit directly inside the factory connector. Due to the age of the F-LT1 cars much of the in-tank connectors are black / corroded due to age. The Racetronix harness replaces all these questionable components. The standard Walbro kit comes with a plastic coated in-line wiring adapter. This adapter must plug into the existing questionable factory in-tank wiring thereby adding additional connections and length.


Walbro Fuel Pumps have set the industry standard in high-performance. Walbro pumps are QS9000 certified and are used as OE equipment in many production performance vehicles such as the C5 Corvette. Walbro's gerotor design is able to maintain high pressures while providing high volumes as well. This is done by squeezing the fuel out between two gears instead of pushing it like most factory vane pumps do. (i.e. factory C4 pump). This positive displacement design makes high-performance Walbro pumps small, light weight, quiet, efficient and reliable. The Racetronix F-LT1 fuel pump assembly uses a 255L/Hr @ 43.5PSI @ 13.5V (300KPa) rated fuel pump.

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